Starting your own garden can seem daunting at first. There are so many different types of vegetables, herbs, and flowers that all require different and precise care. Nobody wants to spend months of time, lots of energy and, of course, money on their plants just to find out the results are not what they expected. So, how to ensure that everything goes as planned and your garden is filled with delicious and healthy homegrown vegetables as well as beautiful flowers? Do some research and learn fr…

For more berries, you should make sure to replace your entire bed after 3-5 years. Once the strawberry plants are older than five years, they start to decrease in productivity. By replacing your beds the younger plants will be able to take over and produce lots of new strawberries.

Whether on your Farm, homestead or just your backyard garden, everyone wants to grow tomatoes like a pro. Here are 16 secrets for growing great organic tomatoes. DIY tips for the begining gardener or the expert. Expand your garden knowledge and reduce mistakes in your vegetable garden. Make this years gardening adventure the most rewarding yet!

You love spending time outside in your yard, but not so much with mosquitos for company. Bug spray helps, but there are also a bunch of plants that act as a natural bug repellant that’ll keep those pests from buzzing around. Head over to eBay and discover ten plants that keep mosquitos away and smell wonderful.